Rabbit Hole, winner of the DC 48 Hour Film Festival in 2016.  The first drama to win the festival in recent memory!  It also took home Best Editing, and Best Sound Design.  As well as honorable mention for Best Actress and Best Cinematography.

At the inaugural 48 Hour Politics and Comedy festival, Dinner and Debate won for Best Acting, Best Direction, Audience Choice and was runner up for best film!

Another 'Best of' film, Six Minutes was created for the 2015 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project.  Check it out!

Created for the 2014 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, The Dirtyard won audience choice and named one of the best films of the festival!

Winner of Best Film in the 2014 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project.  Mouse DAD! won for best directing, best ensemble acting, best writing best sound design, and audience choice!

Vaughn's Lunch breaks are always spectacular.  Created just for fun!

Created for the 2013 Baltimore 48 Hour Film festival and winner of Best of Genre and named one of the best films of the festival.  There's nothing like crazy pizza delivery boys!

Created for the 2013 DC 48 hour film festival, Le Lait Renverse won the audience choice award, best song, and best cinematography!

Written, shot, and edited in just 72 hours, Game of Monopolies was one of the first film projects done with the Rhinos.