The DC 48 Hour film project included 5 wins for Crash of Rhinos!  Best editing, Best sound design, Honorable Mention for Best Actress and Best cinematography, and Best Film!

Winner of the 2016 DC 48 HFP


Film Projects!

Crash of Rhinos is a company of theater and film professionals, and we're all about:

1. Creating collaborative performing art in theater and film that inspires joy, hope, and activism.

2. Developing and nurturing entertainment professionals.

3. Providing artists with a supportive platform and a supporting cast of performers and technicians.

After a successful run of Crash of Rhinos Production 'Belle and the Beasties', we'll have more work on stage soon!  Find out more on the Shows page!


Theater Projects!

Crash of Rhinos won the 2016 DC 48 Hour Film Project!!!

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